Candidate Statements

President Candidate

Greetings learners! My name is Steph Rychlo and I am running for the position of President for the Continuing Education Students’ Association of X University (CESAX). Over the past four years, I have worked on various campus initiatives aimed at addressing issues of equity on the X University campus. I am currently serving as Vice-President Equity and Campaigns for CESAX and would love to continue on with the organization in a new role. As president, I would use the opportunity to create more low-barrier, non-repayable grants for students and advocate for more designated multi-faith prayer spaces on campus. Thank you for reading and please remember to VOTE SOLIDARITY on March 7-10th.

Vice-President Equity & Campaigns Candidate

Hi everyone, My name is Suanny Aranguren, and I am running for Vice President Equity & Campaigns, at the Continuing Education Student’s Association (CESAX) of X University. I strongly believe that working in and for the Community will bring us all forward in a way that everyone is included and barriers are reduced for those most affected. For this term I hope to focus my work on rebuilding the community in a more sustainable  and inclusive way. supporting environmental and social campaigns that put pressure on walking new paths and finding alternatives to support each other, fight old bad habits and learn new ways. In 2022 the world is different and we are here together for the challenge. Thank you for taking the time and please remember to VOTE SOLIDARITY on March 7th -10th.

Vice-President Events & Outreach Candidate

Hi everyone, I am Olivia McIntosh and I’m running for Vice President of Events and Outreach. As a previous executive at CESAX I worked on planning events, outreach activities and coordinating volunteer programs with CESAX.  This term I will continue the work I have started but having more access to new resources and expanding our events and outreach initiatives. Please consider my candidacy and with your vote I will continue the work I have started. Thank you all for your support and VOTE SOLIDARITY.

Vice-President Finance & Services Candidate

Hello! It’s Annie Yang here, and I am running for Vice President of Finance and Services at CESAX. As a previous executive of CESAX, I worked on developing inclusive events including the neurodivergent support spaces and academic support workshops. My passion for ecological and racial justice, as well as education rights for international students kept me engaged in local and provincial campaigns. This term I hope to continue my previous initiatives that center on intersectional experiences and community-building. Please consider voting for TEAM SOLIDARITY on March 7-10th. Thank you for your support!

Vice-President Internal Candidate

Hi everyone, I’m Maya Taylor and I’m running for Vice President Internal of CESAX. I believe deeply in the power of language and the necessity of active listening. I am continuously learning how I can better contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and communities using words and empathy. As VP Internal I want to ensure that the words that have institutional power within our students’ union equitably support the needs communicated by you, CESAX community members. I hope to promote engagement with bylaw and policy changes by creating alternative ways to understand CESAX’s internal operations, and by making it widely appealing to participate on the Bylaws and Policy Committee. Thank you for listening, and I invite you to vote for TEAM SOLIDARITY on March 7th-10th!

Board Candidates

Breagh Scott – Certificate Director – Bio coming soon