FOR RELEASE ON: Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson (CESAR) has released its 2020-2021 Lobby Document titled “Education for All.”

CESAR is the students’ union representing 16,000 continuing education and part-time degree students at Ryerson University. CESAR has a mandate to fight for students’ rights and a student voice at the table, as well as offer cost-saving services, and provide programming that improves the student experience.

CESAR membership includes students from across the globe who are studying in Certificate programs, students who enroll in part-time undergraduate degree programs unique to Ryerson University, and any students who enroll in courses at the Chang School. Our membership is diverse, so our voice and our advocacy reflects that diversity. 

The recommendations outlined in the document are encouraged to be applied to multiple municipal, provincial and federal governments but this document is primarily intended for the Ryerson University Administration.

The eight recommendations outlined in the document are:

  1. Phase out domestic and international tuition fees
  2. Improve accessibility and access to mental wellness support, specifically for continuing education students
  3. End the agreement with Toronto Police Services immediately, and make an open commitment to never partnering again. Make the terms of the agreement public, as well as the individual involved in brokering the deal
  4. Create a Career Boost Program specifically for continuing education students.
  5. Collect race-based data for continuing education students.
  6. Take action on anti-racism and implement the recommendations of the Final Report of the Anti-Racism Taskforce of Ryerson (2010)
  7. Ensure student Inclusion in return to campus planning and health and safety planning
  8. Remove the Egerton Ryerson statue

To arrange an interview with CESAR President, Janet Rodriguez on the lobby document and/or Maddy Fast, CESAR President-elect (current Vice-President Equity & Campaigns), please contact