Name (pronouns): Annie Yang (she/her)
Position: Vice-President Services & Finance
Program/Area of Study: Mental Health & Addictions
Hobbies: Reading, Netflix, Latin dance enthusiast, Nature walks
Favourite Building on Campus: Student Learning Center

Position Description: The VP Services & Finance is responsible for the financial management of CESAR and the delivery of services. They also chair the Bursary Committee and Finance Committee.

Hi folks! This is Annie. I will be your Vice President of Finance and Services this year. This year I will continue my initiatives that center intersectional experiences for marginalized members. I hope to expand services on holistic health and wellness and food security. An interesting fact about myself. I recently discovered what a “fandom community” is, and that I was unknowingly participating in them for most of my life, starting in the early days of Harry Potter. Which makes me feel like I’ve been living under a rock. Maybe you will feel the same way about me after reading my bio ;). I hope I can get to meet you in person sometime this year. Feel free to always drop by to say hello at the CESAX office, at the 3rd floor of 55 Gould Street!!