Carol Sutherland, a union employee at Ryerson’s Equity and Community Inclusion office, was terminated from her position while on medical leave on January 8th, 2019. After believing she was having a heart attack, she went to Michael Garron Hospital to get examined. She was told she was having a panic attack as a result of workplace stress. Following a 21-page report from the Ryerson recommended psychiatrist, Sutherland was terminated.

Carol went to Thornhill for an independent medical exam with a particular psychiatrist recommended by Ryerson. She said her psychologist called Ryerson, informing them that this request would cause more stress and anxiety and asked if she could see a doctor close to her home. The request was ignored, she added.

In the Ryerson Eyeopener Southerland said “They disregarded what my doctor has sent, they disregarded everything… They terminated me based on an independent medical exam, a medical exam that Ryerson forced me to go [to], and Ryerson said if I don’t go to that, I [would] be fired,”

Ryerson has declined a request for comment, stating that human resource issues are addressed as confidential matters.

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