Name: Olivia McIntosh
Pronouns: She/Her

Vice-President Internal

Name: Maya Taylor
Pronouns: they/she

Vice-President Events and Outreach

Name: Suanny Aranguren
Pronouns: she/her

Part-Time Director

Name: Rejaan Seepersad
Pronouns: he/him
Statement: My name is Réjaan Seepersad. I am 37 years old and have been taking courses here at the Chang School of Continuing Studies since 2005. I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree in Business Management. I have worked in government, small business, family business, and currently at a global corporation within the past 23 years in addition to various volunteer commitments notably in the gay community in Toronto. I am currently in the role as a Part-time Board of Director and have enjoyed working on various events with TMAPS such as helping with Frost Week, the Black Media Mixer, and participating in various committees (Policy & Bylaw, Events, Bursary, and Equity & Campaigns). I would like to continue this work as I find it enjoyable and have always held a high regard for the part-time student union as they have been an open, accessible, and progressive place for higher adult education and social causes. Since continuing education courses have been mainly online since the pandemic, I would like to work on providing more opportunities for student engagement by offering more events and services online and in-person.