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TMAPS Equity Grants

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Note: This email will be used to communicate decisions and send funding via electronic transfer (e-transfer). You will be notified of your application's status via the e-mail address you provided above.

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Applicants are expected to be honest in providing accurate information at all points in the grant application process. If clear evidence arises that an application has misrepresented, the grant application will not be considered. To ensure impartiality of the decision-making process, CESAX takes such matters very seriously, by submitting your application, you confirm that all information provided in this form is valid and true to the best of your knowledge.

In submitting this application, I state that I am in financial need and require financial assistance to complete my current studies at X University (Ryerson University). I authorize CESAX to verify information with X University (Ryerson University) for the purposes of this grant application. In checking the box below, I declare that I have provided complete and true information on this application form and I understand that all grant decisions made by CESAX's board of directors are final and there is no appeal process. CESAX has the right and may ask for back-up information in relation to the information provided at the time of submission of this form. I have read the above terms and conditions and hereby agree and will adhere to them.