Class Representative Program

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“It is a fun community of students helping students!”
-Clare Yacyshyn, Psychology Class Rep, Winter 2016

Class Representatives are student volunteers who represent CESAX in their course. Class Reps. are responsible for informing their course on upcoming CESAX events and campaigns, and connecting students to CESAX for service information and/or support. The Class Rep. is also responsible for representing their course during CESAX General Meetings.

If your course does not have a CESAX Class Rep., volunteer today!

To become a Class Rep for the Fall 2021 Term or for more information, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Time Commitment:

10 minutes per week and one meeting per semester.

As a Class Rep you commit to:

  • Attend the CESAX General Meeting, or find an alternate to replace you. 
  • Keep your classmates up to date on relevant CESAX campaigns, events, services, and opportunities. 
  • Supporting your classmates by telling CESAX about issues, concerns, or suggestions you or members of your course may have.

As a Class Rep, you will benefit from:

  • Connections with over 100 Class Reps
  • An opportunity to earn a Skills Certificate
  • Support from CESAX executive members and staff
  • A great addition to your resume
  • Recognition and rewards through the CESAX Volunteer Rewards Program

CESAX Volunteer Rewards Program:

Each time you reach a new milestone you will receive new recognitions and rewards.

Bronze Volunteer 

(10 hours)

Silver Volunteer

(25 hours)

Gold Volunteer

(40+ hours)

  • Bronze volunteer 
  • certificate
  • CESAX swag bag
  • Invited to end-of-year Volunteer Appreciation
  • Silver volunteer certificate
  • Movie tickets
  • CESAX swag bag
  • General letter of recommendation from CESAX
  • Invited to end-of-year volunteer appreciation
  • Gold volunteer certificate
  • Gift Card
  • CESAX swag bag & shirt
  • Personalized letter of recommendation from CESAX
  • Invited to end-of-year volunteer appreciation

If you have any questions, email