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Board of Directors

Thursday, March 24, 2022

The Continuing Education Students’ Association of X University (CESAX) is currently seeking current and incoming continuing education and part-time degree students to sit on our Board of Directors for the 2022-23 term. CESAX is the part-time and continuing education students’ union at X University and represents over 16,000 students throughout the year. Learn more about CESAX at


May 1, 2022 until next By-Election (November 2022) or Election period (April 2023)

Roles Available: 

We are currently seeking five board members to fill the following positions:

  • One Certificate Director: This is a position for students registered in a certificate program at the Chang School.
  • Two Part-time Degree Directors: These are positions that are for students enrolled in part-time undergraduate degrees at X University.
  • Two Members-at-Large: These are positions that are open to any students enrolled in Chang School courses, which includes certificate, part-time undergraduate degrees and general continuing education courses. 


Applicants must be students enrolled in a Chang School course either in the Winter 2022, Spring/Summer 2022 or the Fall 2022 – proof of enrollment is required. Applicants cannot be enrolled in full-time undergraduate programs or in a graduate program at X University. Applicants must fall into one of the above three categories.


May 1, 2022 until next By-Election (November 2022) or Election period (April 2023)


The CESAX Bylaws lay out the responsibilities of Board of Director members. The general commitment per week could range from two to five hours per week – but is also very flexible. What this generally looks like is:

  • Attending monthly board of directors meetings (1-2 hours in length)
  • Attending (and potentially leading) monthly committee meetings as assigned – Bylaws, Events, Campaigns, Finance, Bursaries, etc
  • Participation in project planning initiatives (often based out of committees)
  • Assisting with outreach and membership development initiatives where feasible
  • Fulfilling legal and fiduciary duties such as monitoring emails, collecting feedback from members and generally participating and being knowledgeable of the organization

Regarding Capacity: This is not meant to be an intense or draining opportunity. Board members are supported by the executive and staff team of CESAX on all initiatives. This is a very flexible and community-oriented opportunity, so we aim to be accommodating to people with multiple jobs, dependents, commitments and varying capacities and abilities.

Benefits and Opportunities:

  • Skills Development: Board members will get to apply themselves in whatever ways their passions and capacity align with the organization. We work on campaigns, services, events planning and policy development so there are a lot of opportunities to develop a variety of skills.
  • Community Building and Networking: Board members will get to develop networks and student experience opportunities which includes public speaking, outreach and membership development opportunities.
  • Governance Experience: Board members will be formal representatives of a non-profit entity. With this experience comes an understanding of ethics, policy development, human resources and budgets.
  • Knowledge Building: Board members will get to delve into public policy issues on post-secondary education and other social service sectors.
  • Honorarium: Board members will be eligible to receive a small $50 per month in role recognizing the basic duties and time commitments to the organization, as well as additional stipends if attending trainings and long conferences. No other monetary benefits are allowed under the bylaws and policies of the organization as we are a non-profit entity.

Further Questions:

This is a lot of written information! You can also book a time to ask questions about the opportunity with or attend an information session on Monday, April 11 from 6pm-7pm – we will also record and post.

Information Session RSVP: 

CESAX Bylaw V: Board of Directors

CESAX Semi-Annual Reports:

Application Process:

Applicants are asked to submit a letter of intent that indicates their interest in the position, as well as student number, to Applicants can also include a resume but it is not required. Applications are reviewed as they are received.

Eligible applicants will then be called for very short interviews prior to May 1, 2022 so that the applicant and the incoming board can discuss the role, passions and capacity. Selected applicants will then be approved at the April 29, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting.