Emergency Grant

The Continuing Education Students’ Association of X University (CESAX) offers an Emergency Grant for part-time degree, and continuing education students at X University (Ry*rson). The goal behind this Grant is to assist students who are experiencing unexpected and emergency financial situations.

If you are experiencing chronic underfunding, please consider applying for our semesterly CESAX Bursary worth $500, and the CESAX Equity Group Grant worth $250 that is currently available for application as of February 1st, 2022.

The CESAX emergency grant is not intended to pay course tuition fees, ancillary fees, or course text books.

COVID Update
At this time, we are taking into consideration the acute impact of COVID-19, such as unpaid hospitalization charges, ambulatory services, unpaid leave of absence during hospitalization or quarantine. Unfortunately, the chronic impact of COVID pandemic on individual lives are beyond the scope of this grant, and will not be classified as an emergency.

Season-Specific Consideration:

We recognize the challenging seasons of winter and summer may compound on other life factors and cause life-threatening emergencies including but not limited to, precarious housing and homelessness, unaffordable heating or cooling, health emergencies, and barriers acquiring essential items for individuals with mobility challenges. 

If you are experiencing such emergencies, please provide description and documentation when applicable, for special consideration of the Emergency Grant.

Eligibility for Emergency Grant:

  • Applicants must be enrolled in a part-time degree, continuing education or distance education course during the term of their application for a grant
  • The applicant must demonstrate serious, emergency financial need due to unexpected circumstance that has recently occurred and is beyond their control
  • Typically grants are awarded on medical and compassionate grounds, such as in cases of serious illness, death of a family member, eviction, and layoffs, to name a few.

Supporting documentation is required to validate claims and the need for financial support.

Your application will not be processed without supporting documentation and proof of enrollment and student status at Ryerson University

  • Eligible applicants who have received the CESAX or Chang School bursary for the same term are eligible to apply for the CESAX emergency grant
  • Grants can be approved for up to a maximum of $500 once per academic year (an academic year is September to August 31).
Not eligible:
  • Full-time undergraduate degree students and all graduate degree students are not eligible to apply for the CESAX emergency grant. Full-time undergraduates and graduate students have access to an emergency grant through the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) or X University Graduate Students’ Union (XGSU).
  • Applicants above 65 years old are not eligible to apply.
  • Eligible applicants must complete the on-line application in full
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to carefully complete all sections and provide required supporting documentation and proof to verify the need.
  • If necessary, the Vice President Services may request a meeting or telephone interview with the applicant to obtain additional information and details.
  • Approved applicants will be notified by the Vice President Services via e-mail and/or telephone of the CESAX Executive Committee decision within ten (10) business days from receipt of the application, provided all required documentation is submitted and student status has been confirmed.
  • All decisions of CESAX Executive Committee are final and binding, there is no appeal process.
  • Approved applicants are required to pick-up their checks in person at the CESAX office during hours of operation. Cheques not claimed within one full month of being issued will be voided and cancelled.

Please note that any Emergency Grant requests during the December-January office closure may have extended timelines to get back to you.

Privacy statement

All information collected is used for the sole purpose of evaluating the candidate’s needs, and will be kept private and confidential.