Equity Service Centres

Office Closure Service Delivery Plan - Equity Service Centres
The physical spaces of the seven Equity Service Centres are currently closed for drop-ins. Students are encouraged to contact Centres directly with any questions, concerns or access to resources.

Educate, Agitate, Organize with the Equity Service Centres
There are a number of Equity Service Centres that focus on building community and creating safer spaces for students of different identities and experiences. Each Centre operates from an anti-oppressive framework and considers the intersections of identities when organizing events and campaigns. The Centres are directly run through the Ryerson Students’ Union.
Each Centre Offers:

Volunteer opportunities • Events • Campaigns • Education & Resources



The SHIFT Centre (Share, Help, Inspire, Foster, and Think.) acts as an interactive and multi-purpose space, intended to foster a sense of community within the X University community through educational workshops and providing a safe space to learn about equity and wellness.

Location: Student Centre, SCC 313a
Contact: shiftcentre@rsuonline.ca 



RyeACCESS seeks to improve accessibility and strives for full participation and inclusion of students with disabilities. RyeACCESS works to break down physical and attitudinal barriers that students’ with disabilities face on and off campus.

Location: Student Centre, SCC 202
Contact: 416-979-5255 x1-554504, access@rsuonline.ca

BIPOC Collective

BIPOC Students’ Collective

The Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) Students’ Collective opposes all forms of racism and works towards community wellness for students. Through education, campus and community organising and a commitment to struggle across differences, the group seeks to responsibly reflect, represent and serve racialised students.

Location: Student Centre, SCC 212
Contact: 416-979-5255 x1-552334, racialisedstudents@rsuonline.ca



RyePride is committed to fighting homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism, both on and off campus. With fun events, safer-sex info for same-sex couples and ongoing campaigns, the group is dedicated to building an inclusive campus.

Location: Student Centre, SCC 211
Contact: 416-979-5255 x1-552349, ryepride@rsuonline.ca

Centre for Women & Trans People

Centre for Women and Trans People

As a women-only space for self-identified women, the Centre offers a safe and empowering place to address a range of inequalities that women face. Programming includes: reproductive freedom, racism, sexuality, violence, media and gender empowerment.

Location: Student Centre, SCC 210
Contact: 416-979-5255 x1-552350, womenandtrans@rsuonline.ca

Trans Collective

Trans Collective

The Trans Collective is focused on challenging transphobia, cissexism, transmisogyny, and binarism at X University. The Trans Collective offers education, advocacy, and support for trans people on campus.

Location: Student Centre, SCC 213
Contact: 416-979-5255 x1-555948, transcollective@rsuonline.ca

Good Food Centre

Good Food Centre

The Good Food Centre works to service the food needs of students while advocating for solutions to poverty. It provides resources, organises workshops on healthy eating options, offers recipes for those on a tight budget and advocates for fairly traded food products on campus.
Location: Student Centre, SCC B03A
Contact: 416-979-5255 x1-552319, foodcentre@rsuonline.ca


Centre for Sexual Violence Support & Education (C3SVS)

The C3SVS serves as a peer-run, community-based, safer space for knowledge-sharing, educational opportunities, and empowerment with the intention to prevent & respond to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence on our campus and in our communities. They also serve as the X University community-hub for FREE safer sex & menstrual hygiene supplies.

Location: Student Centre, SCC 209
Contact: csssvs@rsuonline.ca