Tax Clinic

Office Closure Service Delivery Plan - Tax Clinic

File at Home for free!

Through membership in our national students’ union–the Canadian Federation of Students, CESAX members can access tax filing software absolutely free.

To file for free, members must:

  1. Sign in to a new or existing UFile account for the current tax year
  2. Enter tuition fees and months at school (must file T2202a)
  3. Locate the “Special Offer” form in UFile’s left-hand navigation
  4. Enter the special offer code: CFS1981

(note: entering the code CFS1981 at check-out will not discount the tax file, the student must enter the code in the Special Offer section.)

Click here for more information.

Work-from-Home Income Tax Deductions

Students should file an income tax return even if they don’t have employment income, because they may still receive a refund and credits that they can carry forward to future years.

Even before the pandemic and shutdown, employees could deduct home office expenses, but it was a complicated process. The Canada Revenue Agency now provides a form on which employees who worked from home more than 50% of the time for at least four consecutive weeks due to the pandemic can claim $2.00 per day to a maximum of $500.00, without having to submit receipts, or anything from their employer.

CESAX Tax Clinic

Due to the ongoing pandemic, CESAX made the decision not to host a virtual clinic for security reasons and out of concern for lack of trained volunteers. If you need assistance filing your 2021 tax return, please reach out to Canada Revenue Agency’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program to book with a free virtual clinic. Please be sure to secure your Social Insurance Number, and personal information when you attend a virtual tax clinic. As with any online activity, there is an increased risk for exposure of your personal information.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is still hosting virtual clinics that are open to the public. Virtual clinics are led by phone appointment or video call and you must be identified by video call and government issued photo ID for the fastest service. Multilingual assistance is available. 

If you are an international student at X University (Ryerson), please contact International Student Support (ISS) at for information on their clinic this year.

Please use the search function on CRA’s website to find a virtual clinic to suit your needs at

If you are comfortable filing on your own, you can access UFile through the Canadian Federation of Students for free. The steps to using UFile are listed above

For any questions related to the CRA virtual tax clinic program eligibility please contact

Find a Community Tax Clinic in your area

CESAX’s tax clinic is part of a collaboration with Canada Revenue Agency’s Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, known as CVITP. There are hundreds of clinics in the CVITP program across Canada. These clinics provide service free of charge and vary in their level of service. Some clinics operate all year round, preparing past years’ returns, others may assist if you have self-employment income. Some clinics operate on a drop-in basis, others strictly by appointment.

Click here for the full list of clinics operating in your area.

Information Session on T2200s