Sisters in Spirit:

Honouring the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and two spirit people

What is Sisters in Spirit?

October 4th is a day when we honour the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and two spirit people. Today is about supporting grieving families, and creating opportunities for healing. The violence experienced by indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people in so-called “Canada” is an ongoing genocide.

Why the red hand?

The powerful image of a red handprint has come to symbolize the Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women, girls, 2S movement as a way to represent the thousands of women who have been silenced. The handprint has found its way into art, fashion and acts of protest.

What is the MMIWG Crisis?

MMIWG refers to Missing and Murdered Indigenous women and girls. The MMIWG national crisis has been deemed a genocide.

  • Indigenous women are 300% mire likely than non-Indigenous women to face spousal abuse.
  • Stats Canada states Indigenous identity alone is a risk factor for violent victimization.
  • Indigenous women are 300% more likely to be killed by a stranger than non-Indigenous women.
  • Indigenous women are 12x more likely to be murdered or missing than any other race of women in so-called “Canada”.

Calls to Action

  • light a candle in your home window this evening
  • change your social media avatar to a commemorative graphic
    • Facebook Frame: go to your profile on the Facebook app and tap “edit.” Then tap “add frame.” Search for “Sisters in Spirit.”
    • Use Sisters in Spirit vigil image for your Twitter and Instagram profile picture (photo located at NWAC.CA)
  • Share your photos or videos of a SIS Vigil you attend on social media using the hashtags #SISVigils and #MMIWG. tag us on Twitter at @NWAC_CA and Facebook at native Women’s Association of Canada


The National report and inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit peoples available at

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