Q: Can I be penalized for submitting an appeal?
No, as long as you have legitimate grounds for appeal there should be no penalty or reprisal. You have the right to file an appeal.
Q: What are my chances?
A: The success of your appeal will depend entirely on you. Students who work very hard to compile a complete appeal package are more likely to be successful if they do have valid grounds for an appeal. Your chances of success depend on your circumstances, the extent to which you followed all relevant policies, your ability to clearly communicate your concerns, and your ability to provide evidence for the claims you make in your letter. The outcome also depends upon your decision maker’s perspective.
Q: Can I continue with my course(s) while I am appealing?
A: It depends. You may continue to progress through required courses only if you are appealing your academic standing. Once you submit your standing appeal to your home program department the administrator should provide you with a temporary probationary contract that will allow you to enroll in courses while your standing appeal is under consideration. If your appeal is successful then you can remain in your courses. If your appeal is unsuccessful and it’s reached a final point in the appeal process, you will either be removed from your courses and your fees will be reimbursed, or depending on the position of the decision maker(s), you could be allowed to complete the courses you are enrolled in (especially if you are at the end of the semester and have basically completed the requirements). In the case of a grade appeal for a required course, you will have to either wait for the final decision on your grade appeal to determine if you need to take the course again, or you could just enroll in the required course again as your appeal is under consideration – it’s up to you.
Q: What if I have multiple Appeals?
A: You can submit multiple appeals, and sometimes we encourage you to appeal both a grade and your academic standing. However, there is a hierarchy for addressing appeals. Grade appeals will be considered before standing appeals, and academic misconduct appeals will be considered before grade/standing appeals. If the outcome of one appeal will affect the grounds of another appeal, then appeals may be postponed until that decision is made. Remember to inform the relevant staff in your department when multiple appeals have been filed.
Q: What can I do if I feel that the rules are not being followed/What do I do if I feel that I am being treated unfairly?
A: The CESAX Student Rights Coordinator is here to help students understand policies and procedures and ensure students are adequately resourced. The Office of the Ombudsperson is an autonomous body from the University which is charged with ensuring policies and procedures are followed fairly and accurately, and recommend policies and procedures to ensure fairness. The Ombudsperson is not on the side of students, staff or faculty, but rather a watchperson for fairness. Contact: 416-979-5000 x7450 or ombuds@ryerson.ca
Q: What happens if I can’t make it for a test or exam?
A: You must contact your instructor right away. If you cannot reach your instructor you should call- or preferably email (for record keeping purposes) the Program Chair/Director or Department, explaining your situation in detail. Consideration for missed tests or exams under X University policy is only granted for medical or compassionate grounds. Supporting documentation must be submitted to your instructor or if necessary, to the program department, within 3 business days from the missed test or exam.
Q: My instructor wants my essay to be submitted to turnitin.com, is it mandatory?
A: Students who wish to opt-out need to notify their instructor within the first 2-weeks and make alternate arrangement to submit their assignment. This could include submitting rough notes and references to show their work. Without making alternate arrangements, students have to use turnitin.com if required by instructor.
Q: How long does the appeal process take?
A: The process can take anywhere from a month to 3 months (sometimes more) – it depends on how many levels of appeal you go through. Once you submit your grade or standing appeal, it should take about ten (10) working days to get a response. If you do not receive a response within this time frame, you are welcome to enquire about the status of your appeal with the office where you submitted your documents. Upon receiving a response, if you wish to appeal further, you will have another ten (10) working days to submit an appeal to the next level, and so forth. If you are appealing a finding of academic misconduct you will hear from the Academic Integrity Office within a week or two about the scheduling of your hearing.


CESAX members can receive free assistance and support from the full-time Student Rights Coordinator, who can be reached at studentrights@tmaps.ca or 416-979-5000 x1-557056.