Academic Consideration due to COVID-19
If you miss class or an assignment due to cold or flu-like symptoms, or due to self-isolation you are currently not required to provide a health certificate. Other absences must follow Senate Policy 167 on Academic Consideration. For more details on these processes please see X University’s Office of the Senate website.


You are required to notify your instructor in advance, where possible, if you are unable to submit an assignment, or write a test or exam and would like to request academic consideration such as an extension or a deferral.  If you are unable to notify your instructor in advance, you must do so within three working days.  If you are beyond the three working day timeline, you will need to explain why and be aware that your request for consideration may not be granted due to exceeding the deadline. Send an email to your instructor or to (for Chang School courses) briefly explaining which academic component you will miss or have missed from the course(s) in question.

As of June 2020 all students must use the online Academic Consideration Request (ACR) system. The link to the ACR online system can be found on the Senate Resources page, scroll down to “Online Academic Consideration Requests.”


Under X University policy, consideration for missed assignments, tests and exams are only granted for religious observance reasons, or Extenuating Circumstances (Health or Compassionate)grounds under X University Senate Policy #167, Academic Consideration.

For religious observance grounds, you must have notified your instructor of your accommodation needs at the start of the term. You are required to complete a Student Declaration of Religious Observance Form.


If you have been refused entry into an exam room because you were more than 30 minutes late, you should follow up with your professor about what happened right away. If you were unwell, visit your health professional as soon as possible and have them complete the X University Health Certificate. Be prepared to follow the process outlined above regarding Academic Consideration and formally request a make-up exam.

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