If you have a concern about your instructor or course, you are encouraged to address the matter as soon as it arises to avoid further problems. You have the right to express your concern and should not be penalized because of a disagreement or complaint against your instructor.


Step #1: When possible, communicate your concern/issue directly to your instructor.  If you feel uncomfortable about approaching your instructor directly, you can skip Step #1 and contact the Program Chair/Director.

Step #2: Contact the Program Chair/Director if your concern/issue has not been resolved, or if a problem still exists.

Step #3: If a problems still exists, you should address your concern to the Dean of the Faculty related to the course or the Dean of Continuing Education.

Step #4: For problems that still have not been resolved, they should now be addressed to the Vice Provost Students of the University.

Step #5: The final step, if required is to address your concern/issue to the President of Ryerson University.

A list of all department and faculty contacts can be found using the Ryerson Directory.


It’s a good idea to maintain copies of any correspondence such as emails that you have with your instructor or anyone else you may have contacted concerning your problems.

For concerns presented to the Program Chair/Director, or any persons at a higher level, it’s advisable to have a typed statement that documents the concern/, indicating who you’ve been in touch with, what recommendations or strategies were advised, what worked or didn’t work, and what you are now seeking or proposing.

You will be more successful at the higher stages of a complaint or appeal if you can demonstrate that you did take steps to resolve the situation before going “above heads” but nothing was changed.  Show that the step you are taking now is a last resort.


The CESAR advocacy service is free to all CESAR members, which is any student taking a CE course and/or enrolled in a part-time degree program.

For more information contact:

Student Rights Coordinator
416-979-5000 x1-7056