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What is TMAPS?

TMAPS stands for the Toronto Metropolitan Association of Part-time Students . It is the central students’ union that represents all 16,000 continuing education, distance education, and part-time degree students and any student taking a Chang School course at Toronto Metropolitan University.

The students’ union is a membership-driven organization that is here to represent you, offer services to meet your student needs and build a community at Toronto Metropolitan University.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new students, as well as returning students, to Toronto Metropolitan University! We are excited to have you join our campus and look forward to meeting you very soon. As you are settling into your new academic year, feel free to contact us with any questions!

Organizational Structure


All continuing education (Chang School), part-time degree, and distance education students at Toronto Metropolitan University.

The Board

The members elect the Board each year at the TMAPS Annual General Meeting to direct the work of TMAPS. The Board includes two Members-at-Large, two Certificate Directors, two Part-time Directors and five Executive Members.


There are two types: “Committees of the Whole” are open to all members, and then “Committees of the Board” which are limited to Board Members. All committees of TMAPS report activities to the Board, which then reports to the membership.


There are Five elected Executive officers who work part-time for the Students’ Union: President,Vice-President Events and Outreach, Vice-President Governance and Academic Policy, Vice-President Equity and Campaigns, and Vice-President Services and Finance. Additionally TMAPS employs one full time Executive Director.


There are Five full-time staff that manage and implement the day-to-day activities of the office. The role of staff is to bring to life the direction determined by the TMAPS Board and committees.

There are five Executives elected annually to the Executive and six Directors that sit on the Board of Directors. TMAPS employs full-time unionized staff and one Executive Director that works to service the membership and improve your student experience by providing cost-saving services, campaigns and events.