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TMAPS Health and Dental Plan

TMAPS provides affordable and comprehensive health and dental coverage to part-time undergraduate students enrolled at TMU. The Health & Dental Plan is provided through Green Shield Canada (GSC), the only national not-for-profit insurance provider in Canada with the support of the National Student Health Network.

All part-time degree students who have been assessed the Health & Dental Plan fees, are automatically enrolled for coverage with Green Shield Canada. This does not apply to students in a Certificate Program or taking Chang School Classes.

Visit Green Shield Canada’s Student Center page to browse: opt-out/opt-in details, health & dental coverage summaries, co-pay info, programs, services, and more. Link:

Benefits Overview

TMAPS Health & Dental Opt-Out?

Your Health & Dental Plan offers comprehensive benefits, ranging from drug, paramedical, dental, vision and accidental. If you are a student beginning your studies in the Fall session of the academic year, you are covered from September 1 – August 31. If you are a student registered to begin your studies in the Winter session of the academic year, you are covered from January 1 to August 31.

Visit the links below to browse the most recent benefits coverage Plans.

12-MONTH PLAN (September 1, 2023 – August 31, 2024):

8-MONTH PLAN (January 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024):

How to Access Your Plan?

Registration and Login to GSC Everywhere

Plan Member Online

Register for your Plan Member Online Services where you can review your benefits, check your coverage, submit claims, sign up for direct deposit, view claim statements, and more! You can access self-services through GSC everywhere, making things quick, convenient, and easy. After registering for Plan Member online, download the GSC On the Go app to access your benefits plan on your mobile device. To download the app:

Your Greenshield ID Card

To register your Green Shield account, you will need to have handy your Green Shield ID number. This number consists of:

The letters CSR, plus your student number, in addition to -00.

For example: CSR 999999999 -00

You can also download your Green Shield ID card HERE.

Temporary Inactive Period

First-time users of the Plan, and first year students, are subject to a temporary inactive period for the first 2-months of the benefit year, starting in the term in which they first enroll.

Still plan on using accessing your benefits during the inactive period? No problem! New Students are still covered during the inactive period. Save all original receipts from services used during the 2-month inactive period (ex: dentist, chiropractor, etc.) and submit them for reimbursement as soon as the inactive period is over.

Questions? Book a Digital Appointment!

Schedule your 20-minute Google Meets appointment with the TMAPS Coordinator today. Email

For information about your insurance ID, claims processing time, contact Green Shield’s Customer Service line at: 1-888-711-1119 or email