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Toronto Metropolitan University International College (TUIC)

Navitas is a private corporation that has entered into a partnership with Toronto Metropolitan University to provide a transition year for international students. They partnered to create a new organization called the Toronto Metropolitan University International College.

Toronto Metropolitan University and Navitas: The Erosion of Public Post-Secondary Education and Exploitation of International Students

Our recommendations for Toronto Metropolitan University, TUIC and Navitas International

  1. Develop a long term plan to prioritize access to education for all learners by ending differential tuition fees for international students. This includes lobbying for fully funded post-secondary education and cancelling the Navitas Agreement.
  2. Increase investment in Toronto Metropolitan University-housed international recruitment programs.
  3. Address misleading marketing materials from Navitas.
  4. Develop a transition flowchart for students to access student services, transfer records.
  5. Include student and faculty representation on all TUIC committees. Include Navitas students in TMSU or the establishment of TUIC students’ union.
  6. Negotiate an agreement for service delivery with OPSEU 596 and CUPE 3904 and prioritize pre- existing services at the university.
  7. Invest in educators and commit to the creation of good jobs, rather than increased reliance on sessional and precarious workers.
  8. Use Toronto Metropolitan University Senate policies and track Disciplinary Notes on Toronto Metropolitan University academic records.

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CESAR Navitas Report

Take a look at our report on Navitas International and Toronto Metropolitan University International College with recommendations to advocate for fairness for international students and campus workers.