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Here are the results of the TMAPS Annual Election 2023.


Name: Olivia McIntosh
Pronouns: She/Her
Statement: My name is Olivia McIntosh. I use she/her pronouns. I am currently enrolled in the spanning the gaps program at Chang school. I am running for the position of president elect because I have thought about this one question for a while. “If there was one thing about this school, what would it be?”. I believe in free education for all, lower fees for international students and not just domestic ones. I believe queer, trans and those a part of the LGBTQ+ community should have a voice. I would like to put a stop to all forms of racism and strive for a diverse and inclusive place for student and faculties to co-exist. Although this is a vision with the help of my fellow students I know we can combat it all. With the knowledge and skills I have I promise to implement while allowing myself to be open to opinions on how we can counteract these changes. If given the opportunity as president elect we can strive to make a difference. As my favorite quote said ” ubuntu is the belief that with kindness and compassion we have towards others. I am what I am because of who we all are”. Let’s stand together in solidarity.

Vice-President Internal

Name: Maya Taylor
Pronouns: they/she
Statement: Hi everyone, my name is Maya Taylor. I have been really grateful to be Vice-President Internal since May 2022. I am committed to attentive listening and empathy in all parts of this role, and I believe in the importance of constructive feedback and community care. I have had the opportunity to actively participate on TMAPS committees and Chang School Council, collaborate with other unions, speak up for equity at TMU Senate, advocate for students’ rights to Members of Provincial Parliament, and connect with other students and community members. To achieve equitable, accessible education for all, advocates need to insist that the voices of students are heard when decisions are made. Going forward, I am motivated to help create more access for students to the decision-making that impacts them. I hope to build on the work that has been started and to support new collaborative projects that can be continued by future TMAPS teams.

Vice-President Events and Outreach

Name: Suanny Aranguren
Pronouns: she/her
Statement: My name is Suanny Aranguren. I have been involved with the student movement  at TMAPS  for two year now. first as a board member in 2021-2022 and last year I was elected to represent the Students as VP. Equity and Campaigns where I have been very active in engaging  in activities that help reduce  some of the burden Students face, including implementing the clothing Exchange, representing TMPAS at the Canadian Federation Of Students, participating in committees such as Policy & Bylaw, Events, Bursary, and leading the  Equity & Campaigns  committee and  also collaborating with student groups on their equity seeking initiatives. I want to continue my work with the association for another term. on the role of VP Event and Outreach, to help create more opportunities for our Part-time and Continuing Education Students to connect and create a network of support. help me continue this amazing job of putting students first.

Part-Time Director

Name: Rejaan Seepersad
Pronouns: he/him
Statement: My name is Réjaan Seepersad. I am 37 years old and have been taking courses here at the Chang School of Continuing Studies since 2005. I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree in Business Management. I have worked in government, small business, family business, and currently at a global corporation within the past 23 years in addition to various volunteer commitments notably in the gay community in Toronto. I am currently in the role as a Part-time Board of Director and have enjoyed working on various events with TMAPS such as helping with Frost Week, the Black Media Mixer, and participating in various committees (Policy & Bylaw, Events, Bursary, and Equity & Campaigns). I would like to continue this work as I find it enjoyable and have always held a high regard for the part-time student union as they have been an open, accessible, and progressive place for higher adult education and social causes. Since continuing education courses have been mainly online since the pandemic, I would like to work on providing more opportunities for student engagement by offering more events and services online and in-person.

Vacant Positions

Vice-President Equity and Campaigns: Vacant
Vice-President Services and Finance: Vacant
Member At Large (2): Vacant
Part-time Director (1): Vacant
Certificate Director (2) Vacant