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Global Emergency Relief Grant

In response to global crises, including warfare and natural disasters, TMAPS is initiating a Global Emergency Relief Grant. This grant aims to assist current and former TMAPS members affected by these events. The nature of these crises can range from military occupations to life-threatening situations such as supply shortages, injuries, race-based violence, religious persecution, and family separation or loss. The grant is designed to offer broad eligibility to members facing various forms of hardship.

Despite the existing TMAPS Emergency Grant, the unique circumstances of ongoing global conflicts and wars have led to several students altering their education plans, including dropping courses. This fund seeks to support those who do not qualify under the standard Emergency Fund criteria. With an initial allocation of $5,000.00, individual grants can amount up to $500. This initiative also aims to establish a framework for addressing future conflicts.

Limitations of Current Financial Aid:

Noting that existing TMAPS financial aid programs do not address emergency needs arising from war situations. Recognizing that students who have dropped classes or altered education plans are ineligible for current TMAPS financial aid.

Eligibility Criteria:

Recent (until the previous academic year) or current TMAPS members* who indicate being affected by crises as outlined above are eligible. 

A TMAPS member is any student who is a distance education, continuing education, part-time student, or a student having taken any Chang School course (undergraduate, graduate, or international student). 

Application Process:

Please apply using the form below.

The application will primarily follow the TMAPS Emergency Grant criteria.

Required information: Email, student number, year of TMAPS membership, country of citizenship, country of residency (temporary or permanent), indication of need, and indication of impact by the crisis.


All information collected is used for the sole purpose of evaluating the candidate’s needs, and will be kept private and confidential.

Global Emergency Relief Grant Application

Date of Birth
Note: Please use your academic ( email. Please do not use your personal email. If you enter your personal email it may result in a disqualification. This email will be used to communicate decisions. You will be notified of your application’s status via the e-mail address you provided above. Please ensure that you have entered it correctly, this can not be changed later.
Optional Equity Demographics
Please select all categories with which you self-identify:
Revenue in last six months
(if you do not know the exact amount, please estimate)
Expenses in last six months
(if you do not know the exact amount, please estimate)
I hereby declare that the information provided on this form is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I, understand that if the information in this application is found to be untrue or intentionally misrepresented, this may be in violation of the Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct. I understand that the information on this application will be used for the purposes of qualifying the recipients of the Global Emergency Relief Grant, and that non-identifying information such as student debt may also be used in the compilation and publication of aggregate statistics.
Please attach all relevant documentation to support your application (such as eviction notice, medical certificate, layoff notice, relevant emails etc.) and email them to and cc Use the Subject Line “Global Emergency Relief Grant [Full Name]” e.g. “Global Emergency Relief Grant John Doe” Alternatively, you can submit them in-person at the TMAPS office located Room 301, 3rd floor of the Student Campus Centre (55 Gould St).