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Health & Dental

TMAPS provides affordable and comprehensive health and dental coverage to part-time undergraduate students enrolled at TMU. The Health & Dental Plan is provided through Green Shield Canada (GSC), the only national not-for-profit insurance provider in Canada with the support of the National Student Health Network. All part-time degree students who have been assessed the Health & Dental Plan fees, are automatically enrolled for coverage with Green Shield Canada. This does not apply to students in a Certificate Program or taking Chang School Classes.

What’s Covered?

Your Health & Dental Plan offers comprehensive benefits, ranging from drug, paramedical, dental, vision and accidental. If you are a student beginning your studies in the Fall session of the academic year, you are covered from September 1 – August 31. If you are a student registered to begin your studies in the Winter session of the academic year, you are covered from January 1 to August 31.

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Health & Dental Plan Survey Results – Spring 2024

In March 2024, TMAPS created a survey of the Health & Dental Plan which aimed to gather membership feedback about the current insurance coverage being provided by Green Shield Canada (GSC).

This survey was introduced in anticipation of the annual Plan renewal negotiations with GSC and the National Students Health Network (NSHN), a partner of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). Thanks to the whopping 362 participants who filled out our survey, we were able to gather enough information to ensure that the improvements we are hoping to make are in alignment with the desires and requests from the TMAPS membership.

All questions which invited either long or short-form answers, or included personal information such as emails or student ID numbers, have been omitted for privacy purposes.

Opt-out for a Refund

Part-time undergraduate degree students beginning classes for the first time this academic year (in the Fall term) will be charged $257.47 for the TMAPS Health & Dental Plan. The charge is reflected on your tuition and ancillary fee statement for health and dental benefits provided by TMAPS. Those charged may be eligible to opt-out of the TMAPS Health & Dental Plan coverage.

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Enroll Your Family

Part-time degree students may enroll their spouse, including a common-law or same sex partner, and/or your dependents or children (under the age of 21) onto the TMAPS Plan at the beginning of their first eligible term. All family members enrolled for coverage under this Plan must be residents of Canada. To opt-in your family member(s), please complete and submit the TMAPS Enrollment Form below.

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Submit a Claim

Submitting your claim should never be a hassle! Greenshield offers 3 quick and easy ways you can submit your claims.

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Health & Wellness Resources

Green Shield Canada has arrangements with select providers across the country from which members can take advantage for further discounts! Find out more here.

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Questions? Book a Digital Appointment!

The TMAPS Coordinator offers 20-minute drop-in Google Meet appointments that you can book yourself. Meeting hours are:

  • Tuesdays from 12PM-3PM, and
  • Fridays from 10AM-1PM

You can also contact the Health & Dental Plan Administrator directly at

For information about your insurance ID, claims processing time, contact Green Shield’s Customer Service line at: 1-888-711-1119 or email

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