Stand with Carol

Stand With Carol

Carol Sutherland, a union employee at Ryerson’s Equity and Community Inclusion office, was terminated from her position while on medical leave on January 8th, 2019. After believing she was having a heart attack, she went to Michael Garron Hospital to get examined. She was told she was having a panic attack as a result of workplace stress. Following a 21-page report from the Ryerson recommended psychiatrist, Sutherland was terminated.

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Students & Workers United

Students and Workers United

Students, graduate students, faculty, and workers on campus face precarious situations and there has been little accountability or support from the government or institution administrators to improve students and workers’ post-secondary conditions. This campaign works closely with several Ontario labour boards and unions to provide students and on campus workers greater job security, fair living wages, and pensions to foster a high quality post-secondary education system.

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Students for Harm Reduction

Students For Harm Reduction support the activist work of people who use substances. In absence of a safe supply and adequately funded harm reduction and social services, the overdose crisis has become a leading cause of death for young people in Canada. This campaign promotes education about harm reduction on campus and safe supply systems, and works to ensure a more compassionate understanding of this crisis impacting Ryerson students and students across Canada. 

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No Cops On Campus

This campaign seeks to amplify the voices of students on campus demanding cop-free campuses. Students have a right to pursue their education in safe and supportive environments without fear of police targeting them for harassment or violence. CESAR will work to provide education and amplify student voices calling for community-led alternatives to policing, and an end to systemically racist, anti-Black, and oppressive police structures at Ryerson and in society.

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Fighting for Food Security

Nutritious food is a human right. We believe that governments should take responsibility for funding social support systems to alleviate student poverty and hunger. In the interim, communities are stepping in to ensure fairness and stability in food systems. This campaign fights for adequate access to good and affordable food for students while ensuring environmental sustainability and proper accessibility. We aim to raise awareness of food insecurity and to show solidarity with migrant workers, who face dangerous and exploitative working conditions in order to produce food for the profit of large corporations.

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Education for All

Students across Canada are saying that COVID-19 has made it more difficult to afford post-secondary education. The pandemic and the high cost of tuition fees has left us facing even more precarious financial situations than we were in before. However, the pandemic has highlighted what students and workers already know; education is underfunded and unaffordable. Underfunding leads to increases in precarious work, an over-reliance on international student tuition fees and tuition fees as a whole, cuts to programs and services and an overall reduction in the quality of education.

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