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TMAPS Bursary

Fall 2023 Bursary – CLOSED

Summer 2023 Bursary – CLOSED

We request students not to email the bursary email address for inquiries or follow-ups regarding bursary applications. The bursary application process is managed by a dedicated committee, and they work diligently on their own timeline to review and approve applications. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Any TMAPS member (a student enrolled in a Chang School course, a distance education student, continuing education or a part-time undergraduate degree student), who is in need of financial assistance can apply for a bursary up to $500 each term. ⁠

Applicants can only receive the bursary once per academic year (September to August). The TMAPS bursary is not a loan; you do not need to pay it back.⁠

⁠Eligibility is as follows:⁠
✅ a student enrolled in a Chang School course⁠
✅ a distance education student⁠
✅ continuing education ⁠
✅ a part-time undergraduate degree student⁠
✅ in need of financial assistance⁠

Remember to apply using the form below before the deadline: Friday, May 20th at 5pm

Spring 2024 – Bursary Application Form

Application will be online: Friday, May 6th, at 12pm

This form is not yet available.