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Academic Misconduct Appeal

An academic misconduct appeal is your opportunity to challenge a finding of academic misconduct or the penalty assigned for committing academic misconduct. Remember that you have the right to appeal. All academic misconduct appeals are submitted to the Academic Integrity Office (JOR, 12th floor).

Please see the Appeals Package for more detailed information.

1) Notification of Suspicion of Academic Misconduct, sent to you by your instructor or an Academic Integrity Officer.

2) Arrange either a Non-Facilitated Discussion (NFD)*, where you meet with only the instructor, or a Facilitated Discussion (FD) that includes you, the instructor, an Academic Integrity Officer and, if you choose, a CESAR (or RSU) student advocate (must provide 24-advance notice) *Note that NFDs are not an option for graduate students

– If your instructor charges you with academic misconduct, you will receive a “Disciplinary Notation” on your academic record, which is internal to Ryerson. The DN remains on your academic record until you graduate from a degree or certificate program, or for 8 years for full-time students and 14 years for part-time students, whichever comes first.

-In addition to the DN, a penalty or penalties will also be assigned for students who are found to have committed academic misconduct. This can range from a “0” for the assignment/test/exam to an “F” for the course. Recommendations for more severe penalties such as a “Disciplinary Suspension,” “Disciplinary Withdrawal,” from the program or “Expulsion” from the University can also be made.

– For a second time offense, Automatic Hearings are also triggered

– You have the right to appeal the charge and/or the penalty within 10 business days of receiving your decision.

3) If you disagree with the charge, penalty, or both, you may submit an appeal to the Academic Integrity Council (AIC).  Your appeal is submitted to the Academic Integrity office on the 12th floor of Jorgensen Hall, JOR-1228 between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  Submit your appeal package in person.

– Your appeal package will include the completed form (see below), a written statement explaining why you do not feel that the charge is warranted, Summary of Discussion of Suspicion of Academic Misconduct, Facilitated Discussion or Non-facilitated Discussion Letter, and Evidence that backs up your claims.

4) If you are unsuccessful at the Academic Integrity Council you may choose to appeal at the Senate level.

– When filing an appeal at the Senate level, you are appeal the decision of the Academic Integrity Council on one or more of the following grounds: New evidence, procedural error, inadequate weight given to evidence, or Academic Integrity Council increase the original decision.

– You Senate misconduct appeal package includes: the form (below), a written statement, Summary of Discussion of Suspicion of Academic Misconduct, Facilitated Discussion Decision Letter, facilitated discussion and Academic Integrity Council appeal packages, and any evidence.


– Appeal the charge,

– Appeal the penalty (cannot appeal minimum penalty), or

– Appeal both the charge and the penalty


For more information and advice contact:

Student Rights Coordinator
416-979-5000 x557056

Download the Academic Misconduct Appeals Package for a comprehensive guide to filing your appeal.


For a full description of how Ryerson defines academic misconduct, read the Academic Integrity Policy.

There are many forms of academic misconduct that include actions such as:


All forms for this type of appeal are found on the Senate’s website.