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2024 Election Results

The newly elected board of executives and directors will commence duties on May 1st, 2024.

The President is the chief spokesperson of TMAPS. They are responsible for the overall vision of the organization and making sure the Board, Executive and staff are resourced to make that vision happen. See Full Role Description in the TMAPS By-Laws (Page 18-20)

Maya Taylor

Hi everyone, I’m Maya. Two years ago, I ran for “VP Internal” because I wanted to work in the background and focus on improving internal operations. This is still true, but I also learned that to advocate for students and accessible education, we need to speak up and be more visible as a union.

I was motivated to run for President because I experienced how the role impacts our ability to serve members. I believe the President has to be engaged, support TMAPS staff and directors, and be available to members. I want to listen and address students’ needs.

The other executive candidates and I have been brainstorming and identifying values we would bring to TMAPS. We came up with a team name: VOICE. To us, this means voicing your opinions in decision-making spaces, organizing our internal operations, informing you of services, collaborating on community initiatives, and engaging with you at events. Please read their bios to learn more about some of our ideas. You can see TMAPS’ Annual General Meeting reports to learn about the work I’ve done in my current role as VP Governance and Academic Policy.

The VP Services & Finance is responsible for the financial management of TMAPS and the delivery of services. They also chair the Bursary Committee and Finance Committee. See Full Role Description in the TMAPS By-Laws (Page 19-20).

Shahed Salehi

Hi everyone! This is Shahed and I am running for the Vice President Services &
Finance position. I started in this position in July 2023 and have been part of the
TMAPS team for the past few months. We started great initiatives together so far and have been working on issues like food insecurity and improving access to our services for our members. I am excited to work with team VOICE this coming academic year and advocate for improving the current offerings of our health and dental plan. We already started the work on this with a member survey that was sent out recently and I am excited to work with the rest of the team VOICE to hear your VOICE and advocate for improving our services based on your feedback.

The VP Academic is responsible for TMAPS governance and record keeping, as well as advocating in university committees such as the Senate and Chang School Council. They chair the Bylaws & Policy Committee. See Full Role Description in the TMAPS By-Laws (Page 20-21)

Annie Yang

Hi everyone! This is Annie, and I’m running for Vice President of Governance and Academic Policy with team VOICE. I’m looking forward to working with my team to help TMAPS be healthier and more effective, and to better serve our members. My role is organizing internal operations, and one thing I hope to do is updating our member’s concerns and priorities in TMAPS bylaws and policy booklet. Previously I worked on the TMAPS executive team in both finance and campaign portfolio. I have drafted and motivated motions and policies for new financial aid programs, campaign initiatives, and internal operations. As your VP Governance and Academic Policy I will do my best to ensure the “ruling books” of TMAPS reflect the voice and reality of our members. Remember to come out to the AGM and vote team VOICE!

The VP Events & Outreach is responsible for planning and events and coordinating volunteer programs with TMAPS. They are the chair of the Events Committee. See Full Role Description in the TMAPS By-Laws (Page 22-23)

Suanny Aranguren

Hi everyone! This is Suanny and I am running as your Vice-President Events & Outreach, to continue the work I have been doing for the past term. In collaboration with the rest of the team we want to make sure you know who TMAPS is. We are here to hear you and as a team to amplify your VOICE. I want TMAPS to be a supportive community for all its members and to be that
student union that creates spaces to start friendships and connect with each other based on our collective experiences. You can see all my work in full detail and all the events that took place in the 2023-2024 term in the TMAPS AGM Report at Please let me continue to build a stronger TMAPS community. Vote team VOICE on March 25th-28th.


Tomi Joseph-Raji

Hello everyone, I’m Tomi Joseph-Raji, and I’m running for Vice President Equity and Campaigns at the Toronto Metropolitan Association of Part-time Students (TMAPS). With team VOICE, my goal this term is to elevate the voices of marginalized communities at TMU and advocate for decisions that prioritize and empower students often overlooked, such as student parents and those from low-income backgrounds. As online students, connecting can be challenging, but I’m committed to bridging that gap and fostering a stronger sense of community.

Vote team VOICE for positive change!

“Certificate Director” refers to two (2) elected positions of the TMAPS Board, who are elected at either an Annual General Meeting or in the case of a By-election at a Semi-Annual General Meeting to sit as a voting member of the Board of Directors. See Full Role Description in the TMAPS By-Laws (Page 12-16)

Julia Pyryeskina

Julia Pyryeskina contributes her project management and grant application skills to multiple mutual aid and volunteer organizations. Her most recent union work was with OPSEU 596’s social committee to organize the 2023 Winterfest Luncheon. She looks forward to representing the diverse interests and membership of TMAPS as a Director of Certificate Studies.

Laetitia Msowoya